June 25, 2024 /

Find Your Group

People come to Beth El Temple for many reasons, but a big reason is to connect with others who share their interests. We have many ways you can do that.

Have young children? We have programs for your kids, and also programs for you. Rabbi Capptauber holds regular family Shabbat services, as well as Havdalah services aimed at young children (there’s usually a Jewish-themed story book and a lot of singing), and she also organizes a monthly discussion group for parents of young children. And don’t forget our Gesher Religious School, as well as programs in the larger Harrisburg Jewish community including the Brenner Family Early Learning Center and PJ Library. Contact Rabbi Capptauber for information on these activities.

Have older children or teens? We have Junior Congregation services which our children participate in, as well as the Gesher Religious School. We’re also involved in many community-wide social and educational programs for this age group; we offer scholarships to Camp Ramah and to the annual March of the Living trip, and our congregation is involved in SABABA (Hebrew High) at the Jewish Community Center as well as BBYO. Contact Bill Walter for information on these activities.

Like reading books? You’re in luck; we have a long-running Book Club, featuring regular meetings with authors (both in person and via videoconference) and various special events. See the Book Club page for more information.

Curious about Sisterhood? We have one, and it’s extremely active. The women of Beth El Temple regularly get together for dinners, social programs, and volunteer events. See the Sisterhood page for more information.

Passionate about social action and volunteering? Our activities range from visiting the sick to organizing blood drives to helping distribute food to learning about and taking action on important social justice issues. See the Social Action page for more information.

Care about the environment?  Our Green Team leads Beth El’s sustainability efforts, which include maintaining a kitchen garden and native pollinator garden on the synagogue grounds and other projects to conserve energy and reduce waste in our building. See the Green Team page or contact Rabbi Capptauber for more information.

Interested in interfaith topics? Interfaith activities are an important part of Beth El Temple. We welcome interfaith families at our synagogue, as well as those who are just curious about Judaism, and we also host interfaith programming, including two major community-wide interfaith events every year. See the Interfaith Work page or contact Rabbi Capptauber for more information.

Feeling artistic? Rabbi Capptauber regularly holds classes which incorporate music, visual art, creative writing, and more. Contact Rabbi Capptauber for more information.

Enjoy the outdoors? So do a lot of other people at Beth El! And Harrisburg has plenty of outdoor activities to offer. We sometimes get together informally for hikes or other outdoor events, and Rabbi Capptauber has also hosted a series of “Five Senses” walks which explore the connection between Torah and nature. Contact Rabbi Capptauber for information on these activities.

Like group learning? Our lifelong learning classes are a great way to meet others. The topics change over time, but range from a basic introduction to Judaism class to a variety of more advanced topics that will get you thinking deeply. See the Lifelong Learning page or contact Rabbi Capptauber for more information.

Looking for something else? No problem. Beth El Temple is always evolving, and it’s easy to start something new. If you have an idea for a program or group that you don’t see here, contact Beth El’s Executive Director Bill Walter to discuss what you’re looking for.